Coaching Services


Everybody’s body is different. Below you will find many options for nutritional guidance for all different levels and lifestyles. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, overall health, or a combination of sorts, I guarantee you find something that may benefit you! My services are flexible and entirely customizable. I will always collaborate with you to develop an individualized plan for eating well that works for you, your schedule, and your taste buds!

Virtual Coaching Services:

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(1 month, $150)

Need a place to start? Just need a little push in the right direction? This is where you begin. I’ll provide you with specific customized meal planning and nutrition guidelines based on your needs, goals, likes, dislikes and lifestyle. With such accountability and ongoing support you will maximize your long-term results. Package includes:

  • 1-on-1 consultation with Personal Health Assessment
  • Current eating pattern analysis
  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins
  • Personalized detailed meal plans, developed with your food likes and dislikes
  • Supplementation and lifestyle recommendations
  • Adjustments, fine tuning and additional recommendations as needed
  • Recipes and Tasty tips
  • Unlimited text/email support
  • & More!


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($75 per month)

Are you able to correctly categorize foods into either protein, carbohydrate, or fat? Have you had experience with meal planning, cookie cutter plans, or competition diets? Just want to live a balanced lifestyle?  Learn how to utilize Nutrient Timing for optimizing health and performance. This option allows for a more flexible dieting approach however it is not IFFYM(aka eat what ever you want as long it fits). By eating certain foods or macronutrients in various quantities at particular times, you will put your body in a better hormonal and metabolic state, thus achieving your goals.  This program requires diligent tracking. Package includes:

  • Analysis of your current eating patterns
  • Personalized Calorie and Nutrient goals, developed with your goals in mind
  • Suggested foods list
  • Weekly online food log review
  • Unlimited text/email support


($30, one time fee)

Can’t commit to a program just yet? Just want a general idea of where you stand? Consult me for a one-time macronutrient calculation. Based on a questionnaire and individual general information analysis I will formulate your starting macronutrient requirements.


Additional One-on-one Services:
(Must be located in North Florida)

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One-on-one nutrition course at your personal grocery store. (~ 1-2 hours, $50 )

Don’t know what to shop for? Let me help you! I’ll meet you at your most convenient local grocery store and I’ll lead you to the best products available. I’ll teach you how to save money, how to understand food labels, what health claim really mean and help you discover healthier alternatives. By the end of the session you will have a cart full of items that will help you reach your nutritional goals. *Purchase of items at the time of appointment is not required but highly suggested.


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One-on-one nutrition course in your own home! (~ 2 hours, $80)

Are you willing to get rid of items in your pantry in order to become a healthier you? Are you ready to eliminate the temptations once and for all? Invite me over and let’s K-lean YOUR Kitchen. I’ll help you decipher what’s good, what’s okay and what’s harming your success! Give your home a metabolism makeover!

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One-on-one cooking class in the comfort of your own home. (~ 3 hours, $150)

What do you need help preparing? Don’t know how to cook something? Can’t find a way to make a particular food taste good? Classes are completely personalized and tailored to your needs. I’ll show you simple recipes for healthy meals. I’ll teach you how to make foods to your liking, how to cook in bulk and how to portion meals out for an entire week. The best part? All the food we make is yours to keep and eat throughout the week! *Additional cooking classes may be purchase to explore multiple categories and levels of food preparation.

If  you have any further questions about a particular service, please feel free to Contact me!