Recipe Ebook

Fuel Good - Healthy Recipe Ebook In this ebook you will find 24 healthy recipes ranging from well-balanced meals, desserts, snacks, sides, sweets and more! Each recipe is easy to make and simply delicious! There is something for every body and every goal.  Whether you're a competitor or just wanting to live a healthy lifestyle … Continue reading Recipe Ebook



How to lose weight with less than 1 hour in the gym: NEAT: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis or "the calories you burn when you aren't working out." To put it simply, NEAT is any activity besides eating and sleeping that burns calories- but not exercise specifically for the purpose of exercising. The NEAT factor plays an … Continue reading N.E.A.T.

Fitness industry gimmicks

There is so much bullshit out in the fitness industry about supplements, performance enhancers, and fancy accessories. Almost everyone is looking for and creating a quick fix. Let me give you a hint, if the company selling it to you requires you to continually buy it to retain desired results then it's a gimmick. If … Continue reading Fitness industry gimmicks